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Books and Book Chapters
The Walls of Algiers Chapter 7: "Invisible Prison: the image of Algiers in cinema" (forthcoming from the University of Washington Press, 2009)
"Work in Progress": Kinematografien der Arbeit (b-books, Berlin 2007) translation of "Labor Power/Cinema Power" (see below)
A World on Display: Photographs of the Anthropology Exhibits at the 1904 World's Fair, (University of New Mexico Press), 1997
Presenting the Past: Essays on History and the Public, (Temple University Press), 1986, Chapter 6: "The Painted Mirror: Historical Re-creation from the Panorama to the Docudrama"

"Urban Space in The Battle of Algiers", Cinemascope, June 2007
"The Burns Effect and the Cinema of Reassurance", New England Review, February 2007
"Labor Power/Cinema Power", Cinemascope, August 2006
"Call Me Melville", New England Review, June 2006
"Teaching Documentary in Journalism Schools", International Documentary Assoc. Journal, Summer 2004
"Film and History", Cineaste, Spring 2004
"Visible City: The Future of Sunset Park" (article and photographs), Metropolis, January 1990
"History of Housing in New York City", (pamphlet), Center for the Study of Social History, 1989
"Carl Dreyer's Joan of Arc Rises from the Ashes", Sightlines, June 1986
"Interview with Joris Ivens", Sightlines, April 1986
"Diego Rivera", Encyclopedia of the American Left, 1985
"Interview with Wallace Markfield", Shmate, Vol.1, #8, Summer 1983
"Early Jewish Film Stereotypes", Shmate, Summer 1983
"Al Schacht: The Clown Prince of Baseball", Shmate, Summer 1983
"How Four Young Filmmakers Made it in Hollywood…", American Film, February 1983
"Agit-Prop Rock: Music Videos Go Political", Sightlines, April 1983
"Twenty Years of Social Documentaries", Sightlines, May 1983
"The Raymond Tapes", American Film, March 1982
"Bad Boys: Public Television Looks at Juvenile Justice", Seven Days, February 23, 1979
"Scenes From an Unhappy Marriage" Television Quarterly, Summer 1980
"The Battle of Chile", Seven Days, January 1978
"Tourists of the Revolution: Four Films on Portugal", Seven Days, June 16, 1978 

"The New Fall TV Season: ABC Fiddles While NBC Burns", Seven Days, October 27, 1978
"The South Bronx Through the Eyes of the New Centurions", Seven Days, February 28, 1977
"For Two-Parent Families, the Work is Never Done", Seven Days, February 18, 1977
"Capitalism Comes Out of the Closet", Seven Days, May 9, 1977
"Showdown in the Sugar Bowl: Children's TV Advertising", Seven Days, April 28, 1976
"Interview with Jean-Pierre Melville", Film Culture, Winter 1964-65

Conference and Film Festival Presentations
Orphan Film Symposium, New York University, March 2007
"Filmer le travail" Conference, Aix-en-Provence, France, November 2007
Academy of Management, Annual meeting, Philadelphia, June 2007
Champ/Contrechamp Film Festival, Lasalle, France, May 2007 and 2008
Organization of American Historians, San Francisco, April 2005
Getty Center, Los Angeles, May 2004, "Walls of Algiers"
National Associationn of History Teachers, St. Louis, April 2004
National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, 2001, "French Language Documentary Production"
Center for the Study of Working Class Life, Youngstown State University, (Ohio), June 2000
Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany, March 2000
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, December 1997: "Connected Intelligence: Man and Information Systems"
VIII Encontros Internacionais de Ciné Documental, Lisbon,"Scientific Cinema and the Study of Work"
Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany, 1995, "Scientific Management in Early Cinema"
Centre de la Villette, Paris, 1995, "Science at World's Fairs: 1893-1904"
Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (Tunis) 1992 and 1994
Latin American Film Festival (Havana), 1983

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