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from La Maison Movie

La Maison de Gardanne
(83 min. 2010), in French with English subtitles
In the fall of 2009 I lived for a month in a palliative care center in the south of France with my camera and sound equipment. La Maison de Gardanne is an intimate portrait of daily life in an unusual medical facility dedicated to patient-centered care. Doctors and nurses don''t wear white coats or name tags, staff and residents are on a first-name basis, and everyone eats together in the same dining room. The aim is to create a supportive work environment for the staff, encourage residents'' autonomy so they can experience life fully as long as possible.  A film to provoke discussion about end-of-life care.

from Work Movie

Vertical Urban Factory
(4.5 min. 2011)
"Vertical Urban Factory" is a four and a half minute music video produced for an exhibit at New York City's Skyscraper Museum in June 2011. Using archival and contemporary footage, and music from the alternative rock group Jackie O.M, VUF provides a condensed survey of the relationship between men (and women) and machines in the 20th century.

from The Last Pin Movie

Cinépingle: la mémoire du geste (English title: The Last Pin Movie)
(73 minutes, 2008)
A documentary about factory work, artistic creativity and Adam Smith's ideas about the division of labor. Filmed at the Bohin pin and needle factory in France and in the studios of artist Térésa Tyskiewicz and Canadian pin screen animator Jacques Drouin. (in French). English subtitled version available January 2009.

from Robert Indiana: American Dreamer

Robert Indiana: American Dreamer
(57 minutes 2006)
An autobiographical portrait of Robert Indiana, legendary member of the American Pop Art movement. Best known for his iconic LOVE sculptures, Indiana has also worked in assemblage, set design, painting and printmaking, and starred in Andy Warhol's film EAT. Filmed at the artist's home on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine, and at gallery shows. Includes archival footage of Indiana at work at various times in his 50 year career.

from Aby Warburg: The Archive of Memory

Aby Warburg: The Archive of Memory
(25 minutes 2004)
One of five sons of a wealthy Hamburg banker, Aby Warburg became one of the most influential and unconventional art historians of the early 20th century. The Archive of Memory is a visual essay inspired by Warburg's life and work, and includes interviews with philosopher Raymond Klibansky and art historian Margaret Iversen.

from Under
                    Bryant Park

Under Bryant Park
(30 minutes 2003)
A documentary which follows the fabrication and installation of a mosaic mural by artist Samm Kunce for New York City's Arts for Transit program, from Spilimbergo, Italy, where the glass was made, to Munich, Germany, where the mural was fabricated, back to New York where it was installed in a passageway under 42nd Street.

from A World on Display

A World on Display
(52 minutes 1994)
The story of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904, which brought more than 2000 "native peoples" from around the world to St. Louis, told by elderly Missourians who went to the Fair as children, and historians who have written about the Fair and its legacy: Robert Rydell, Neil Harris, Zeynep Celik and Ted Jojola. Includes rare archival photographs and motion picture footage.

from Clockwork

(25 minutes 1980)
Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), the original efficiency expert, is considered the father of scientific management. By timing workers' movements, Taylor developed standards for how quickly jobs should be done. This classic documentary, used in business history and economics classes for more than 25 years, links Taylor's life and work with the 19th century motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, the films of Frank Bunker Gilbreth, and the advent of computer controlled machine tools in the mid-1970s. Additional information: (distributor of "Clockwork" and many other social issue films.)

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